AX Manifold End Plates

Part Number: AX-ENC4
Price: $102.41
  • AX-E: AX-E
  • Thread Options: NPT Threads
  • Air-Supply Options: Common
  • Number of Modules: 4
  • Silencer Options: None
AX Series Vacuum Pumps can be used as a multi-pump module manifold. All of our pump bases with integral filters are available as a module which can be used in these manifolds. These manifolds can be assembled with all modules being the same or by using a different module in each station.

To order a manifold, first, select your AX Manifold End Plate assembly. Next, decide which AX Manifold Module(s) you'd like to use. Order each module as a separate line item and provide instructions for the order in which you'd like your manifold to be assembled in the comment field of your order.

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