Classic Vacuum Pumps: Integrated Filter w/ Piloted Air-Supply & Blow-Off

Part Number: M50N-IF-PSB
Price: $807.84
  • Nozzle Series: M Series
  • Capacity: 50
  • Seal Material: Nitrile
  • Thread Options: NPT Threads
  • -IF-PSB: -IF-PSB
The pump base contains two integral, pilot-operated, 3-way air valves which provide full pump control via two externally supplied pneumatic pilot signals. With a constant air-supply to the pump base, one pilot signal controls vacuum on/off while a second pilot signal controls blow-off air to dissipate vacuum for faster system cycle time. This pump incorporates the bowl, gasket, and filter element of our t-style filters directly into the pump base eliminating the necessity of incorporating an external filter into the vacuum system.

Replacement Parts:
10503: Bowl
10514: Gasket
PPX35RE3: Filter Element (3 Pack)
PPX35RE100: Filter Element (100 Pack)

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