E-SKIM Oil Skimmers for CNC Machines

Tramp oil skimmers are designed for removing oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons from water-based coolants. These coolant management devices are easy to maintain, completely repairable, and are manufactured from high-quality materials. CNC oil skimmers help to ensure increased longevity, reliability, and continued up-time operation of your machinery.
EDCO offers E-SKIM oil skimmers that are simple to use, adjustable, and adaptable. With its assortment of features, the E-SKIM oil skimmer is perfect for all types of CNC machine applications. All EDCO products are manufactured and tested in the USA at our headquarters in Fenton, Missouri.

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EDCO Tramp Oil Skimmer Advantages

Oil skimmers for CNC machines provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to tramp oil contamination of cutting fluids for a wide range of industries. Not only will this maintain the life of your machinery and benefit the environment, but it can also help you to manufacture higher-quality products and protect your workers from bacteria growth in coolants.
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Stainless-Steel support tubes and screws
  • Magnetic Base
  • Silicon Loop Conveyers
  • Components may be individually replaced when worn
  • Programmable Timer

Oil Skimming for Increased CNC Machine Coolant Performance

Coolants in CNC machines often experience degradation because of floating tramp oil that seals the surface and promotes bacteria growth.  Oil skimming protects CNC machine coolant, effectively reducing various effects that cause CN
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