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Oil skimmers are tools that are used for removing oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons from water-based coolants. They are devices that are often easy to maintain, completely repairable, and made of high-quality materials to ensure the longevity, reliability, and up-time operation of your machinery.
For a wide range of industries oil skimmers provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to tramp oil contamination of cutting fluids. Not only will this maintain the life of your machinery and benefit the environment, but it can also help you to manufacture higher-quality products and protect your workers from bacteria growth in coolants.
EDCO offers E-SKIM oil skimmers that are simple to use, adjustable, and adaptable. With its assortment of features, the E-SKIM oil skimmer is perfect for your CNC machine applications.

Features of EDCO's Tramp Oil Skimmers

  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Stainless-Steel support tubes and screws
  • Magnetic Base
  • Silicon Loop Conveyers
  • Components may be individually replaced when worn
  • Programmable Timer

Oil Skimming for CNC Machines?

Coolants in CNC machines often experience degradation because of floating tramp oil that seals the surface and promotes bacteria growth. Not only do these bacteria create odors, but it can interfere with the coolant’s performance, leading to a loss in production time. In addition to the time and production loss, disposing of coolant contaminated with tramp oil can become expensive with storing and disposal fees.  Waste disposal fees are minimized by removing and disposing only tramp oil and continuing to use the coolant.
Oil skimmers are cost-effective, efficient ways of increasing productivity and saving a significant amount of money on labor and production. Oil skimming keeps your CNC machines running at their optimal level. They also help to dispose of waste oil in a way that is safe for the environment and reduces the cost of disposal fees.

E-SKIM CNC Oil Skimmer Features

In the E-SKIM oil skimmer, three identical acetyl guides are positively positioned for optimal performance. The acetyl scraper assembly can be shifted horizontally to allow for adjusting the force with which the scraper contacts and wipes the silicone loop conveyers. Oil removed from the silicone loops is directed into a catch basin with a flexible drain tube which can be routed into a suitable container towards the front or back of the E-SKIM unit.
A stainless-steel cover plate protects the drive motor and all other electrical components which are housed in a recessed cavity in the aluminum body. Quick-release wire connectors are used instead of soldered joints to simplify maintenance.
Two continuous silicone loop conveyers with integral weights are re-circulated by an electric drive motor to collect oil from the coolant surface. Silicone is hydrophobic, so water is repelled while oil is attracted. This leads to a greater percentage of oil being removed rather than coolant compared to skimmers which use chains.
An adjustable aluminum cross-clamp mount allows independent adjustment of height and/or reach along the stainless-steel shafts. Allen wrenches are included for all adjustments. The magnetic base can be oriented either horizontally or vertically depending on your coolant tank location, size, and shape. A programmable timer is included for operating the skimmer continuously or may be programmed to run daily in half hour increments. Skimming is best done during machine off-times while coolant is not circulating which allows tramp oil to float to the surface, so it can be more efficiently removed.

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EDCO USA provides E-SKIM oil skimmers that are easy to maintain, simple to use, and effective at removing tramp oils from water-based coolants.  Our devices help reduce costs, maintain operation quality of your machines, and benefit the environment.
To learn more about our oil skimming products, contact us today.
Watch the video breakdown of how E-Skim compares to other popular skimming designs.


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