VacLoc with Mounts, Integral Pumps and Integral Pumps & Pilot Controlled Quick Release

Vacloc valves provide fail-safe operation in leak-free systems. If the vacuum source is lost, or is purposefully interrupted, the Vacloc will trap vacuum for an indefinite time period so the load can be lowered to a safe position.

Modular Vacloc valves include a vacuum check valve and a sequence release valve installed in a cartridge body for perfect alignment. Valve seats are electroless-nickel plated to allow for long life. A one-piece work-attachment body eliminates secondary vacuum leak paths and the potential for loosening or separation during operation.

A high-efficiency sequence valve remains fully open during blow-off so chattering, humming, and squealing noises are eliminated. Compressed air consumption is reduced significiantly by using lower air-pressure during the blow-off mode. An internal orifice balances air-flow so that several Vacloc blow-off ports may be supplied and controlled by one solenoid valve.

Vaclocs can also be ordered with or without an integrated ER Series venturi.