• VL38F
The VacLoc is a combination modular vacuum check valve and a sequence blow valve incorporated in a perfectly aligned, one-piece cartridge body featuring electroless-nickel plated valve seats for long life.  An internal orifice provides balanced blow-off air flow so that several unites can be supplied and controlled by one solenoid valve.
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Pilot Controlled Quick Release Option

The pilot controlled quick release option for VacLocs work the same as the normal models except compressed-air is not used to release the work object. Using compressed air to release the work object increases air consumption by quite a bit compared to the amount used to generate vacuum. The PQR option uses a valve which is actuated by a compressed air signal that can be connected to all PQR valves in a system without concern for balancing pilot lines. The only compressed air flow is a small amount to pressurize the pilot lines to all PQR valves. The pilot signal shifts the PQR valve which opens a large passage from the vacuum port to atmosphere to immediately dissipate vacuum and release the work object.

The PQR option is available for VacLoc’s with or without an integral pump.