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Level compensators (LC) area also called spring mounts or spring buffers and their function is often misunderstood since they do not actually compensate for different part feature level or heights. Workpieces must be presented and picked the same way each time because level compensators will not compensate for hitting a high spot one time and a low spot the next time unless the end of arm tooling (EOAT) is designed to have many extra and often inactive vacuum cups. The stroke of the spring-biased level compensator shaft will compensate for a small range of presentation height variation of workpieces to be picked up such as a stack of workpieces in a magazine. The threaded sleeve allows a vacuum cup mounted to a fully extended level compensator to be adjusted to conform to the workpiece surface. When the workpiece is lifted, all the level compensators should be fully extended. Any level compensator that is not fully extended is not allowing that vacuum cup to help carry the load. Even though the cup is firmly attached to the workpiece, level compensators which aren’t fully extended are inactive.

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