Rail Systems: RS18

Part Number: RS1810L-PP-SX
Price: $171.09
  • RS18: RS18
  • Venturi Selection: 10L
  • Purge Selection: Positive Pressure Purge
  • Air-Supply Options: Constant Air-Supply
Rail System Vacuum Pumps include all the features of EDCO USA vacuum grippers with a positive or limited purge. In addition, rail system vacuum pumps include a pilot-operated cartridge valve for vacuum on / off control. The modules mount to the side of a lightweight 1-1/2 in x 3 in rail profile. Air supply plumbing is completely eliminated by utilizing the rail as a manifold to distribute compressed air to each module.
  • Simply System Zoning
  • PP: Positive Pressure Purge
  • LP: Limited Pressure Purge
  • Cleaning Operation
  • Rugged Shear Key Mount

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