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DA-10 Switch Machines have been around for several decades with only minor updates, primarily in the solenoid valve configuration. EDCO USA took a fresh approach to the overall design in order to create an entirely new direct interchange Switch Machine that would meet performance requirements while using modern material and construction methods.For exceptional reliability, rugged, hand-lapped, bronze slide valves on hardened steel seats are used for both main and pilot valves which have been tested down to -65º F. Model Z-067B provides a drop-in interchange for DA-10 Switch Machines.

Design Improvements
  • lighter weight for single person install
  • longer life
  • greater durability
  • corrosion resistance
  • simplified repair / maintenance
  • readily available repair components
  • rugged construction
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DA-10 History

The DA-10 Switch Machine was designed by US&S (Union Switch & Signal Co.), a division of WABCO (Westinghouse Air Brake Co.), approximately 50 years ago and is essentially the same product today. The solenoid air valve construction has been updated a few times, but overall, the DA-10 remains largely unchanged. In 1968, American Standard purchased WABCO and reorganized US&S as a separate division which was sold to Ansaldo STS, an Italian Company, in 1996. In 2018, Ansaldo STS was acquired by Hitachi Rail of Japan.

In 2012, EDCO USA began development of an improved DA-10 Switch Machine for Alton & Southern Railway - East St. Louis (Union Pacific). The results of that development are our current Z-067B model switch machine. AS&S specifications required our switch machine to be lightweight enough for single person installation, repairable without special tools, include an air filter, ready for installation right out of the shipment box, and meet AREMA temperature specification for operation down to -40º F without the use of heaters. All design parameters were met and Z-067B is now in production and available with either 12V or 24V DC solenoid coils.

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