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End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) vacuum parts and components are used to attach different types of tools to the ends of robotic arms within various types of industrial applications as well as building the framing components necessary for your system. End of Arm Tooling Components are available in a wide range of configurations and can quickly and efficiently change tools in a matter of seconds.

EDCO USA manufactures and stocks innovative End of Arm Tooling Components for building rugged tools and vacuum fixtures whether they are robotic or manually controlled.  Our wide range of products allows for convenient tailoring of the selection to suit the application.

Contact us for application questions including EOAT selection or to discuss your project’s specific requirements.  We will work hard to make EDCO your go-to resource for End of Arm Tooling Components.

End of Arm Tooling Component Options

Depending on your specific application, EDCO offers EOAT components to fit your application requirements.

Vacuum Connections

End of Arm Tooling Vacuum Connections are ideal for connecting a centralized vacuum to a suction cup. At EDCO USA, we design, manufacture, and test our vacuum components which allows us to provide knowledgeable product information and customer support. 

Low Profile Vacuum Connections & Pumps

EOAT Low Profile Vacuum Connections and Pumps are designed to provide easy mounting of a vacuum cup and for connecting a vacuum source. Low Profile Connections and Pumps can be configured with or without a vacuum pump.


The VacLoc EOAT is a combination modular vacuum check valve and a sequence blow valve incorporated in a perfectly aligned one-piece cartridge body. It features electroless nickel plated valve seats for extended life. An internal orifice provides balanced blow-off air flow so that several units can be supplied and controlled by one solenoid valve.

Level Compensators

An End of Arm Tooling Level Compensator is a spring-loaded shaft that can be adjusted to compensate for differences in height between work-piece features. The spring action also provides a soft-touch feature to eliminate shocks and make exact pick positions less critical.


Eoat Arms provide easy and convenient mounting when building a system consisting of a shoulder, arm, wrist setup. Our arms make it easy to mount a vacuum connection or pump to a rail or other framing components allowing for a versatile, modular setup that is easy to configure to your needs. EDCO USA provides high-quality End of Arm Tooling Arms at competitive prices.

Clamps & Mounts

EDCO’s End of Arm Tooling Clamp Mount Blocks come with a tubing clamp on one end and other types of connections on the other. EOAT Clamps and Mounts are available in a wide range of sizes and are used for versatile, modular framing.

Gripper Fingers

End of Arm Tooling Gripper Finger Mounts are used to secure parts at the edge and are ideal for applications where a vacuum cup or standard gripper would be impractical. EDCO provides a range of Gripper Finger options that are designed to be quickly attached or removed based on your project’s specifications.


EOAT Nipper bodies and mounts are designed for reliable operation over a long lifespan. With two sizes offered, our nipper bodies accept any brand size 20 or 30 nipper blades. EDCO’s nipper mounts are available in a variety of sizes and can be configured to your needs.

T-Slot Receivers w/ Vacuum Connection

End of Arm Tooling T-Slot Receivers with Vacuum Connections provide a bayonet-style quick-change for suction cups equipped with O-ring sealed T-slot adapters. High quality Teflon impregnated nickel plating reduces friction during insertion and the simplified latch features a larger finger tab for comfortable operation.

Robotic Tool Changers

Robotic Tool Changer End of Arm Tooling provides a low-cost method of automating vacuum tool change-over to minimize lost production time. Quick Change Slides deliver a cost-effective method to increase productivity by virtually eliminating end-of-arm tool change-over time.

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