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EDCO USA modular automation tooling (EMAT) provides an efficient way to construct automation or robotic tools with minimal design time. Rugged, lightweight anodized aluminum EMAT components adjust easily to conform to the workpiece then are securely tightened with standard hand tools.
Typically, a tool is constructed with a horizontal beam of round tubing or t-slot structural extrusion and several side spars for attaching mono-grip orbital arms, wrists, and hands with appropriately selected options that provide virtually unlimited design freedom.

EMAT systems may be set up using a large, centralized vacuum pump to supply several vacuum cups. However, much greater system reliability can be achieved via the redundancy of a discrete system. A discrete system with small independent compressed air powered vacuum pumps at each vacuum cup is the preferred method since a poor seal at one cup can’t affect the vacuum level at any other cup. A discrete system also allows splitting the system into several independently controlled zones allowing for a wider variety of workpiece sizes and shapes.
  • Simplicity
  • Adjustability
  • Rigidity
  • Serviceability
  • Energy Conservation
  • Coaxial Ejector Technology
  • Cost Effective

Fail-safe operation is provided by integral VacLoc valves in leak-free systems. If the vacuum source is lost, or is purposely interrupted as in an energy-saving system, the VacLoc will trap vacuum for an indefinite time so the load can be lowered to a safe position.
Modular VacLoc vacuum check valve and sequence blow valve are installed in a cartridge body for perfect alignment and valve seats are electroless-nickel plated for long life. A one-piece work attachment body eliminates secondary vacuum leak paths and the potential for loosening or separation during operation.

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