Flow Sensor Valves

Flow sensor valves are normally open valves that snap closed when the factory preset flow rate is exceeded. Our flow sensor valves are insensitive to acceleration forces and may be used in any physical orientation. System vacuum level has no effect on set point, however, high system vacuum levels will cause greater flow rates through a porous workpiece.
Flow sensor valves eliminate the problem of vacuum loss through non-working standard vacuum cups or through vacuum cups with valves overhanging the edge of the workpiece. These are especially useful where workpiece size and orientation may vary. For maximum effectiveness, each vacuum cup in the system should be equipped with a flow sensor valve.
Available Styles
  • FSV-10 – 10-32 UNF (M5) – For use with 4 – 35 mm vacuum cups.
  • FSV-18 – G 1/8” NPSF – For use with 10 – 50 mm vacuum cups.
  • FSVM-18 – Same as FSV-18 with a female M5 monitor port included.
  • FSV-12 – 1/2” NPT – For use with larger vacuum cups.
  • FSV-10 and FSV-18 can be ordered with or without vacuum cup fittings attached.

Flow sensor valves may be used in a manifold or located in-line rather than at the vacuum cup. Piping integrity is important since the flow sensor valve will sense a fitting leak as easily as leakage at the vacuum cup. Wherever installed, a suitable filter must be us