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Level compensators are designed to work with vacuum cups to compensate for height level differences, particularly in applications that require handling robots or other pick-and-place applications. Vacuum cup level compensators are useful for a variety of many other vacuum automation technology applications.

EDCO USA offers an assortment of level compensators for vacuum cups to meet your needs. We offer standard, heavy-duty, non-rotating, internal spring, and external spring loaded plunger designs for a wide range of applications. We will assist you in finding the best level compensator for your industrial vacuum application.

LC10, LC12 & LC18 Level Compensators

Level compensators for vacuum cups are primarily used to compensate for height differences on a workpiece’s surface. To help meet your specific application’s requirements, we offer three types of standard level compensator models: LC 10, LC 12, and LC 18. Each comes with many options and configurations, including:
  • Nominal stroke length
  • Male and female cup end connections
  • Rotating or non-rotating options
  • Clamp mounts
  • And more

Heavy-Duty Level Compensators

Heavy-duty vacuum cup level compensators are the high-strength option for loads that require larger vacuum cup diameters. We can help you find heavy-duty level compensator options for your applications. Our stock includes heavy-duty vacuum cup level compensators with these possible configurations:
  • Male or female inlet thread values
  • 25 mm or 50 mm stroke length
  • Male or female cup end thread values

External Spring Level Compensators

Also known as LCE level compensators, external spring level compensators are only suitable for vertical mount applications where the primary goal is to minimize costs. Take care to avoid shear loads, which can cause premature shaft and bearing wear.
EDCO offers a variety of configurations for external spring level compensators for vacuum cups:

Level Compensator Pumps

Vacuum cup level compensator pumps are integrated within a level compensator. They create a point-of-use system that is more straightforward than two separate components. Our available level compensator vacuum pump options include:
  • Venturi Series ER07, ER09, ER10, and ER10L
  • 20 mm, 35 mm, or 50 mm stroke length
  • Optional non-rotating feature

What is a Vacuum Cup Level Compensator?

Level compensators for vacuum cups are devices that can offset suction cups to compensate for differences in feature heights on a particular workpiece surface. Alternatively, level compensators can pick parts from a magazine where the vertical position of the top part varies. Suction cup level compensators provide shack and vibration absorption to prevent damaging workpieces. Level compensators also allow for greater positioning latitude, making them ideal for robotic applications.

What Are the Uses & Benefits of Level Compensators for Vacuum Cups?

Each type of vacuum cup level compensator comes with its own unique benefits. For example, heavy-duty level compensators offer added strength for loads from larger diameter vacuum cups. External spring level compensators are used for vertical mount applications only. No matter the type of level compensator you select, EDCO’s high-quality offerings share some uses and benefits:
  • The ability to have multiple suction cup heights on an end-of-arm tool
  • Consistent pressure for each pick up
  • Increased vacuum cup lifespan by minimizing suction cup compression
  • Reduced demand for exact positioning
  • Allowance of soft vacuum cup placement on sensitive or thin objects

How Do Level Compensators Work?

The function of level compensators is often misunderstood since they do not compensate for different part features, levels, or heights. Workpieces must be presented and picked the same way each time, or vacuum cup level compensators will not compensate for hitting a high spot one time and a low spot the next time. The exception is if the end of arm tooling (EOAT) has many extra and often inactive suction cups.
The stroke of the spring-biased level compensator shaft will compensate for a small range of presentation height variation in workpieces, such as a stack of objects in a magazine. The threaded sleeve allows a vacuum cup mounted to a fully extended level compensator to adjust to the workpiece’s surface.
When the workpiece is lifted, all the vacuum cup level compensators should be fully extended. Any spring plunger that is not fully extended is not allowing that vacuum cup to help carry the load even though the cup is firmly attached to the workpiece. Suction cups mounted to level compensators that aren’t fully extended are rendered inactive.

American-Made Level Compensators for Vacuum Cups for the USA Market

EDCO USA supplies a variety of high-quality vacuum cup level compensators and vacuum automation resources to meet all your needs. Our use of hard-coat anodized aluminum increases the overall wear resistance and reduces the weight of our level compensators by as much as 60% compared with steel. In addition to our high-quality, USA-made, and cost-effective level compensators, we also design and manufacture many other industrial vacuum accessories, including: If one of our standard products doesn’t fit your project, don’t worry. We have the custom design and manufacturing capabilities to create the perfect component for your specifications. We provide exclusive custom features and vacuum automation technology to deliver your required results while keeping costs low.

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