VACCON Customers and Distributors,

VACCON, a 50-year-old family-owned vacuum business, has been absorbed by a large corporation that has killed the VACCON brand, extended delivery times, and increased prices by 18% in 2022 alone.

EDCO has many products comparable or interchangeable with VACCON products. Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you in converting from VACCON products. Additional VACCON interchanges will be added to our product offering as inquiries guide us.

Tee Adapters

Tee adapters can be used in a similar way as side vacuum port vacuum cup fittings. A post is used for mounting while connecting ports run perpendicular to the vacuum cup connection. The provided plug allows the tee adapter to be used as an angle adapter. Tee adapters can also be used to daisy chain vacuum tubing from one cup to the next. By simply removing the plug, tubing can be daisy chained from a vacuum source to several vacuum cups.