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Vacuum check valves are designed to prevent reverse flow of ambient air into a vacuum system by holding vacuum downstream whenever the vacuum source is removed or lost. Internally, a normally closed valve allows vacuum flow in the pump direction but seals off when vacuum flow ceases. When a vacuum check valve is used in a system, some provision must be made to release the trapped vacuum to release the workpiece. This is where you’d want to employ the use of one of our release check valves.
One application for the vacuum check valve is for energy saver circuits using a vacuum storage tank to accumulate and store vacuum for high-volume, short duration flow rate requirements.
More commonly, a vacuum check valve with a release check valve would be used with a sing vacuum cup so that a non-porous, high-value workpiece would not be immediately dropped if the system vacuum source is lost. The vacuum trapped by the vacuum check valve will eventually leak down. The rate at which vacuum diminishes will depend on the condition of all the components in the vacuum system. To increase the time delay interval, a volume chamber can be added to the auxiliary port. If the volume chamber is equal to twice the cup internal volume, the time delay interval will be approximately tripled.
Available Options:
  • VC18 – G 1/8 NPSF Female – Used with 50 mm diameter and smaller vacuum cups.
  • VC12 – G 1/2 NPSF Male – Used with 75 mm diameter and larger vacuum cups.

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