Vacuum Check Valves

Check valves for vacuum systems hold vacuum downstream whenever the vacuum source is removed or lost. Internally, a normally closed valve allows vacuum flow in the pump direction but seals off when vacuum flow ceases. Vacuum check valves can be used for energy saver circuits using a vacuum storage tank to accumulate and store vacuum for high-volume, short duration flow rate requirements.

EDCO USA manufactures and stocks all vacuum check valve and accessory products in the United States. We also provide in-house testing on site in our Fenton, Missouri facility. Our range of Vacuum Check Valves allows you to select the product that best suits your project’s specifications.

Contact us for application questions including Vacuum Pump or Vacuum Check Valve selection or to discuss your project’s specific requirements.  We will work hard to make EDCO your primary resource for industrial bulk Check Valves for Vacuum Systems.

Vacuum Check Valve Advantages

Vacuum check valves prevent the reversal of ambient air into a vacuum automation system. Vacuum check valve advantages include:
  • Air-tight, leak-proof design
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Optimal flow design
  • Low cracking pressure