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Industrial vacuum cup fittings safely connect to vacuum cups and are specifically designed to provide unrestricted vacuum flow. This allows the vacuum cup to successfully transport an object from one position to another without loss of suction. EDCO USA brand suction cup fittings are precision-machined out of aluminum to reduce weight and increase strength.

At EDCO USA, we design and test our own industrial vacuum pad fittings. This allows us to fully understand our vacuum cup fittings capabilities. We provide high quality suction cup fittings at reasonable prices, while providing personable, one-on-one customer service that is second to none.

Contact us for more information regarding our precision machined vacuum cup fittings options, or call us at 636-349-2632 and we will gladly discuss your project’s specific requirements. EDCO is your trusted resource for premium industrial aluminum suction cup fittings.
View our Vacuum Cup Fittings below or order your vacuum cups with fittings installed.

Vacuum Cup Fitting Styles

At EDCO, we manufacture our vacuum cup fittings to suit your exact application needs. Our range of vacuum pad fitting styles allows you to choose a fitting that will perform to your requirements. We provide the following types of aluminum precision machined vacuum cup fitting styles:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Male Stud
  • Cross Fittings
  • Tool Mounts
  • Die Cutting
  • Adapters
  • Bushings
  • Side Vacuum Port
  • Sheet Separator
  • Accessories and Adapters

Vacuum Cup Fitting Advantages

Rugged metal construction with electroless nickel plating provides corrosion protection and capability for static dissipation. Fittings designed for Ø 65 mm and smaller are designed to snap into the vacuum cups. Once installed, the vacuum cup fittings can be reused by simply removing the worn vacuum cup and snapping a new cup onto the fitting. This saves money, reduces maintenance labor, and also reduces machine down time.

Vacuum Cup Fitting Size Options

At EDCO, we understand that no two applications are the same. That’s why we manufacture a wide range of industrial suction cup fittings to fit your project’s exact specifications. Our industrial vacuum pad fittings offer the proven performance that you need to support successful product transportation without the concern of vacuum loss. Our precision machined vacuum cup fittings are available in the following sizes.

15 mm and Smaller Suction Cup Fittings

Our 15 mm and smaller vacuum pad fittings have a barb-style design and are specifically manufactured to mate with EDCO vacuum cups that are built with an internal recess that locks onto the fitting barb.

20 mm to 65 mm Suction Cup Fittings

EDCO’s 20 mm to 65 mm vacuum cup fittings are built with a large retaining button that easily snaps into an EDCO vacuum cup top, providing positive retention and the ability to change out the rubber cup without the use of tools. Just leave the fitting on the machine and replace the rubber vacuum cup.

75 mm to 150 mm Suction Cup Fittings

Our 75 mm to 150 mm vacuum cup fittings are retained by evenly spaced screws for secure uniform clamping of the vacuum cup and fitting.

100 mm and 150 mm Suction Cup Fittings

EDCO’s 100 mm and 150 mm cups include an additional auxiliary vacuum port (G 1/8” NPSF), unlike competitor cup fittings that leave a screw out for the auxiliary port, which leaves a 90-degree arc that is improperly clamped. Additionally, EDCO’s 100 mm and 150 mm fittings outer edge is scalloped to facilitate proper machine installation.

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