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Vacuum Cups

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Vacuum cups provide a simple method of holding an object in a fixture or transporting an object from one position to another without danger of marring the surface finish of the object. Since vacuum cups are the first components to be selected within the design of a vacuum system, the design work begins there and then proceeds to other system components. EDCO manufactures vacuum cups in all sizes to meet your project’s exact specifications.

At EDCO USA, we design and test our own industrial vacuum cups. This allows us to fully understand vacuum suction cup capabilities. We provide high quality vacuum suction pads at reasonable prices, while providing personable, one-on-one customer service that is second to none.

Our vacuum pads offer the proven performance that you need to provide successful product transportation without the concern of surface damage.

Vacuum Cup Options:

Vacuum Suction Cup Selection Guide

Choose your ideal vacuum cup based on work surface handling application requirements. Contact us if you have vacuum cup questions.