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Bellows vacuum cups are used when it is necessary to compensate for varying workpiece heights, to handle parts with uneven (concave, convex, or textured) surfaces, or easily damaged parts. A lifting effect during evacuation can be used to help separate a top sheet from those stacked below. Bellows suction cups can conform to curved or uneven workpieces such as pipes, bottles, containers, cylinders, car body components, flexing cardboard boxes, etc. Bellows vacuum cups provide height compensation and a ball-joint motion through a limited angular range.

Bellows Suction Cup Suitable Workpiece Surface

  • Flat
  • Slightly Concave
  • Convex
  • Compound
  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical
  • Flexible
  • Shear Loads

Bellows Vacuum Cup Overview

Bellows vacuum cups have a relatively wide sealing lip that lays against the workpiece surface without scrubbing radially outward as the cup collapses under vacuum. This helps prevent the marring of highly finished surfaces such as injection molded plastic parts or for delicate items such as electronic components.
Because they have a longer stroke, bellows suction cups provide easier handling of products packed in boxes or blister packs. For palletizing applications, the stroke length can compensate for small differences in box heights due to any imperfection in forming the boxes or gluing the flaps. The domed top provides some angular conforming capability which allows for a good grip even when the box top deforms under the load.
In operation, bellows vacuum pads should remain fully collapsed against the workpiece. If a “springing” action is noticed when the workpiece is lifted or transported, this indicates that the vacuum level is not deep enough to securely hold the workpiece. A larger capacity vacuum pump may be necessary in this situation.
Bellows vacuum cups are also known as: short bellows, 1.5 bellows, single bellows cup, 1-1/2 bellows pad

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