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Double Bellows Suction Cups

Double-bellows vacuum cups, also called long-bellows cups or 2-1/2 bellows pads, have a relatively wide sealing lip that lays against the workpiece surface without scrubbing radially outward as the cup collapses under vacuum. This design prevents marring highly finished surfaces such as injection-molded plastic parts or damaging delicate items such as electronic components.

Since 1994, EDCO USA has been an industry-leading manufacturer of vacuum cups, vacuum cup fittings, and other industrial vacuum lifting components. If one of our standard vacuum suction cups does not meet your needs, we will design and manufacture a custom double-bellows cup to satisfy any industrial requirement.

Double-Bellows Vacuum Grippers

Double-Bellows Vacuum Cups

Our double-bellows vacuum cups include bottom cleats to help stabilize the cup when collapsed against a workpiece. The added traction surface increases the ability to withstand lateral shear loads. The cleats also