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Air-powered vacuum generators, also called vacuum pumps, are compact, lightweight, and highly versatile. Air-powered vacuum pumps are any pumping device that extracts air molecules from a volume to reduce internal pressure below atmospheric pressure to create vacuum. Vacuum pump technology can then be used with rubber vacuum cups to pick up workpieces without marring their surface.

EDCO manufactures industrial vacuum generator pumps in single-stage and multi-stage designs to meet your application’s specific requirements. We also offer a full range of material transfer pumps and air amplifiers to compliment your vacuum generator pump needs.

Industrial Vacuum Pumps & Vacuum Generator Accessories

Single-Stage Vacuum Generators

Single-stage vacuum pumps provide air-powered vacuum with an instantaneous response. They are compact, light, cost-effective, and feature rugged, all-metal constructions that will give years of trouble-free service. The no-clog, no-valve design is perfectly suited to packaging and applications involving debris that can be ingested into the vacuum system.

ER Series Vacuum Pumps

The ER series vacuum generators are compact, screw-in venturies available in six capacities with easy nozzle removal for a simple cleaning process.

J Series Vacuum Pumps

J series vacuum generators provide performance interchanges for European brand GV pumps and feature robust aluminum bodies.

EV Series Vacuum Pumps

EDCO’s EV vacuum generators are an economical choice with an anodized aluminum body and an included auxiliary port for adding a vacuum gauge, blow-off circuit, or vacuum switch.

V Series Vacuum Pumps

Our V Series of vacuum generators are available in 24 models with anodized aluminum bodies and 12 cartridge models for integration into custom vacuum manifold systems.

SM Vacuum Pumps

Constructed using first-stage nozzles from a classic pump, the SM series of vacuum generators feature an anodized aluminum body, an integral muffler, and three vacuum ports for simplified plumbing of small vacuum systems.

Rail System Vacuum Generators

Our series of rail system vacuum pumps include a pilot-operated cartridge valve for vacuum on/off control. These modules are designed to mount to the side of a lightweight rail profile.

Vacuum Grippers

Our vacuum grippers feature simple installation and flexible positioning of a small vacuum pump coupled to a single vacuum cup for reliable vacuum operation.
Note: The G12 Body vacuum gripper is multi-stage. All other bodies are single-stage.

Variable Displacement Vacuum Pumps

Variable displacement vacuum generators feature a no-clog, straight-through design for dusty and dirty applications, including bag filling or handling ceramic and masonry products.

Multi-Stage Vacuum Generators

Multi-stage air-powered vacuum pumps provide a larger vacuum flow capacity than single-stage pumps. Our multi-stage pumps are created by placing identical nozzle sets in parallel by adding nozzle sets in the primary body or using an additional stack module to obtain higher vacuum-flow capacity. Our multi-stage vacuum venturi generator pumps can also be selected for both high-flow and high-vacuum mode capabilities by selecting from standard nozzle sets.

AX Series Vacuum Pumps

AX series vacuum generators come in a variety of styles and configurations. The modular design allows for stacking up to four pump capacities, depending on the options you choose.

Chip Series Vacuum Pumps

Named for the electronic circuit chip, the compact, efficient, and affordable chip series of vacuum generators is a great option for vacuum pump technology.

Classic Series Vacuum Pumps

Our Classic Series of vacuum pumps feature six different types of classic vacuum generators. Each has its own performance, characteristics, and optimum operating air pressures.

VG & VQ Series Vacuum Pumps

Featuring a drop-in interchange, metal design, and externally removable valve, our VG and VQ Series vacuum generators are interchangeable with competitor pumps while utilizing the same ejector nozzles.

Vacuum Ejector Pumps vs. Electromechanical Pumps

When it comes to overall efficiency and protecting energy loss, air-powered vacuum generator pumps can provide increased protection over electromechanical pumps in various ways.

The size requirements of each vacuum pump significantly differ. Vacuum ejectors can be placed close to where the vacuum is required, preventing energy losses. In contrast, electromechanical vacuum pumps require a more centralized position. Venturi-style Vacuum generator pumps switch on and off between cycles, resulting in a 50% or greater reduction in energy consumption throughout a production cycle. Electromechanical vacuum pumps cannot be stopped or started during a cycle.
Overall, vacuum ejector pumps consume less energy and provide greater flexibility than electromechanical pump options.

Vacuum Generators for Existing Industrial Applications

To provide you with the best vacuum generator match for your existing application, please fill out an application worksheet. Our application worksheet allows you to provide details of your system requirements and enables us to recommend the right vacuum pump technology as quickly as possible.

Standard & Custom Vacuum Pump Technology for Any Industry

EDCO USA is an industry leader in providing American-made vacuum pumps and other vacuum accessories for use within the American market. While we maintain a large inventory of standard goods, we also create custom designs and products.

Contact us today with any questions about our vacuum pump technology, custom options, or are ready to get started. We’re prepared to provide you with unparalleled levels of technical assistance and customer service.

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