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AX Series Vacuum Pumps

  • AXL2N-12-AQR

We offer a wide range of styles and configurations of AX series vacuum pumps. The modular design allows for stacking up to four pump capacities depending on the options you choose. The ejector nozzles used in our AX pumps offer a wide operating range of 45 – 87 psi (3 – 6 bar) while proven coaxial technology provides greater efficiency than conventional ejectors. M-series ejectors may be operated at a low air feed pressure for protection from fluctuating factory air supply. L-series ejectors produce high-vacuum flow suitable for handling porous workpieces. The AX multi-stage vacuum modules allow for fast evacuation and greater efficiency.
Along with the many styles and configurations available, AX series vacuum pumps can be used in a manifold of up to 10 modules. Manifolds can be set to use common or separate air supply for each module while exhaust is piped together making it easy to use optional silencers for the exhaust.

AX Pump Features and Advantages:

  • Solenoid, air pilot, or simply air supply controls
  • Integrated solenoid valves
  • Automatic blow-off module
  • Solenoid controlled blow-off with adjustable flow control
  • Vacuum switches for system monitoring
  • Replaceable, integrated vacuum filters

AX Pump Series Materials

AX series vacuum pumps are made of high quality materials including anodized aluminum, electroless nickel plating, stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel tie-rods, and glass reinforced PPS pump modules and valve plates. When choosing a manifold, all stations can be the same or di