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  • C6M10N-A
Chip series vacuum pumps were named after electronic circuit chips whose small size and versatility have made modern products more efficient, compact, and affordable. Our low-cost chip pumps will do the same thing for your vacuum systems.
Chip series vacuum pumps provide the performance you expect from a multi-stage, multi-ejector, air powered pump. To increase pump capacity, we simply add another pump module to the assembly stack. Our standard seal and valve elastomer is Nitrile / TPV, but we also offer Viton1 and EPDM seal materials at a reasonable price. To make our system easier to design and install, we offer non-return valves and direct mounted electronic sensors.

Chip Series Z Option (Zero/ No Base)

EDCO chip series vacuum pumps are offered with a variety of standard base configurations and a “Z” option for no base at all. This allows a designer complete freedom to integrate a chip vacuum pump module into a proprietary assembly.

Chip Pumps Series Features

We have selected 40% glass-filled polyphenylene sulphide (PPS, Ryton) for chip vacuum pump construction because it is high strength, light weight, and has great chemical resistance. The pump body, ejector nozzles, A base, and B base are all made of PPS to eliminate chemical compatibility problems caused when different materials are used for parts within the same vacuum pump. All other bases are made of anodized aluminum for applications requiring maximum ruggedness or a larger capacity vacuum pump. Stainless steel fasteners are used for all chip pumps.

For additional information such as performance or material chemical compatability, please download this section of our catalog.

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