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Chip Series Vacuum Pumps

  • C6M10N-A

Chip series vacuum pumps were named after electronic circuit chips whose small size and versatility have made modern products more efficient, compact, and affordable. Our low-cost chip pumps will do the same thing for your vacuum systems.
Chip series vacuum pumps provide the performance you expect from a multi-stage, multi-ejector, air powered pump. To increase pump capacity, we simply add another pump module to the assembly stack. Our standard seal and valve elastomer is Nitrile / TPV, but we also offer Viton1 and EPDM seal materials at a reasonable price. To make our system easier to design and install, we offer non-return valves and direct mounted electronic sensors.

Chip Series Z Option (Zero/ No Base)

EDCO chip series vacuum pumps are offered with a variety of standard base configurations and a “Z” option for no base at all. This allows a designer complete freedom to integrate a chip vacuum pump module into a proprietary assembly.

Chip Pumps Series Features

We have selected 40% glass-filled polyphenylene sulphide (PPS, Ryton) for chip vacuum pump construction because it is high strength, light weight, and has great chemical resistance. The pump body, ejector nozzles, A base, and B base are all made of PPS to eliminate chemical compatibil