Classic Vacuum Pumps: Mounting Brackets

Stainless steel mounting brackets come in 90º and 180º styles to use in a variety of mounting options. ML-BKT-90 and ML-BKT-180 can be used in side or end orientation on the basic classic pump base and end orientation on pump bases with air-supply or blow-off control options. For integrated filter pumps, we offer ML-IF-BKT in 90º only (180º is unnecessary as the pumps include mounting holes for this orientation already).

When ordering ML-BKT-90 or ML-BKT-180, be sure to order the necessary fasetener kit as well. Fastener kits are offered in four options dependant upon your mouting orientation and pump capacity. Screws are included with ML-IF-BKT.

Note: Mounting kits are not available for 6010, 6034, SM, or SMS bases.
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