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Classic Vacuum Pumps: Solenoid Controlled Air-Supply & Blow-Off

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The pump base contains two integral, pilot-operated, 3-way air valves which provide full pump control via two solenoid valves. With a constant air-supply to the pump base, one solenoid valve controls vacuum on/off while a second solenoid valve controls blow-off air to dissipate vacuum for faster system cycle time.

-2SB24D: 24V DC, 2.3 W Solenoid Control Valve (-2OSB24D for normally open supply)
-2SB110A: 20V AC 60 Hz (110V AC 50 Hz), 2.3 W Solenoid Control Valve (-2OSB110A for normally open supply)

Order DIN T-9 Molded Cables Separately:
923-2M01: Standard 2M
923-2M31: L.E.D. 0-50V, 2M
923-2M81: L.E.D. 70-250V, 2M
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