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  • ER10LX4-18F
The main components of ER series vacuum pumps are compact, screw-in, single-stage venturis (nozzle sets) that are available in six different capacities. The nozzles are easy to remove for cleaning. Fourteen body configurations allow choosing the style that best fits an application but performance is solely based on which venturi is selected. Low air consumption makes exhaust noise minimal. As such, silencers are not necessary.

ER Vacuum Pump Series Available Styles:

  • Surface Mount Micro Pump
  • T18F Body
  • Vacuum Bar
  • Chip Pump Style T-Base
  • ER2010
  • Inline Vacuum Pumps
  • DER: Dual Base ER Vacuum Pumps

ER series vacuum pumps using L series, high-flow venturis are also used in vacuum gripper pumps and in rail system pumps because they are dirt-tolerant and produce sufficiently high vacuum flow to overcome workpiece porosity.

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