ER Pumps: Vacuum Bar

  • VB4-ER10L
Part Number: VB4-ER10L
Price: $198.21
  • Number of Stations: 4
  • Series: ER10L
The Vacuum Bar eliminates the clutter and plumbing complexity of small vacuum systems by incorporating multiple vacuum pumps that have common air supply and common exhaust ports within the bar manifold. Vacuum lines can be routed from the pumps directly to individual suction cups.

Even though all of the vacuum pumps are operated by one air supply, the pump vacuum ports are independent of one another so it doesn’t matter if some vacuum lines are open to atmosphere due to missing work pieces. Vacuum loss in one line doesn’t affect performance of the other vacuum pumps.

Integral polyethylene filter elements are easily serviced by removing a knurled retainer. The filters protect two ports per vacuum pump so either port can be used for a vacuum outlet, and the other for a vacuum switch.

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