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RS18: Pump Modules

Rail System Vacuum Pumps include all the features of EDCO USA vacuum grippers with a positive or limited purge. In addition, rail system vacuum pumps include a pilot-operated cartridge valve for vacuum on / off control. The modules mount to the side of a lightweight 1-1/2 in x 3 in rail profile. Air supply plumbing is completely eliminated by utilizing the rail as a manifold to distribute compressed air to each module.
  • Simply System Zoning
  • PP: Positive Pressure Purge
  • LP: Limited Pressure Purge
  • Cleaning Operation
  • Rugged Shear Key Mount

Simple System Zoning

One of the most important features of our rail system vacuum pumps is the ease and ability of zoning. Zoning groups several modules to a pair of three-way solenoid pilot valves. One solenoid pilot valve controls the vacuum on and the second controls the positive pressure purge for each zone
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