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The 1-1/2”x3” Aluminum extrusion profiles include 3/8” NPSF ports at each end, one for air supply and the other for a plug or a pressure gauge. Rails are drilled to mount modules on center-to-center distances to your specifications. The minimum recommended spacing is 1-1/2 in. (38.1 mm) but is also dependent on suction cup diameter. RS18-10L modules will be mounted to the rail and tested by EDCO USA. Pilot port fittings, zone tubing, and 3-way air solenoid pilot valves must be installed by the system integrator because of the many possible configurations.

How to Order

To order a rail assembly online, please review the following information and contact us so we can add the configuration you require.
(Pump Modules are sold separatly.)

To build a good part number for a rail system assembly, there are a few things we must know. Once we know how many modules you need, the spacing between modules, the spacing between the end of the rail and the modules, and the overall length of the rail, simple math can be used to figure out a part number.

Profile Length

Minimum recommended center-to-center spacing is 1.5 inches. It's important to know the diameter of the cup you'll be using as this will also determine the minimum spacing required. The minimum recommended end spacing is 0.9 inches.


((Number of Modules on one side - 1) x Module Spacing) + (End Spacing x 2) = Profile Length


20 Modules, 1.5 Module Spacing, 0.9 End Spacing, Single Sided: ((20-1) x 1.5) + (0.9 x 2) = 30.3
14 Modules, 1.75 Module Spacing, 1.2 End Spacing, Double Sided: ((7-1) x 1.75) + (1.2 x 2) = 12.9


Machined Rails up to 48" length = $122.87 + ($6.17 x Number of Modules)

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