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V series vacuum pumps are available in 24 models with anodized aluminum bodies plus 12 cartridge models for integration into custom vacuum manifold systems. EDCO USA single-stage pumps provide the instantaneous response common to air operated devices in addition to being compact, light, and cost-effective. Rugged, all-metal construction provides years of trouble-free service.

 V Vacuum Pump Series Features

The no clog, flow-through design on our v series classic pumps is perfectly suited for packaging and other applications involving paper fibers or other debris that can be ingested into the vacuum system. The optional strait-through silencer passes the exhaust directly to atmosphere after absorbing high-frequency noise from the air stream. Many of our competitors use closed-end plastic exhaust mufflers where the exhaust passes through a filter media which accumulates debris and eventually causes a loss of pump performance. In systems where conditions are very dirty, such as woodworking, a vacuum filter  should be used to remove dust and debris so it isn’t dispersed in the exhaust or inhaled by workers.

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