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Vacuum Grippers

  • Vacuum Grippers

Discrete systems are made up of several mini-system units. Each unit consists of a small vacuum pump coupled to a single vacuum cup. Each unit operates independently. Leakage at a non-sealing cup can only affect the vacuum level of that single cup. Any leakage problems are automatically isolated. This gives the overall system the best possible chance to operate reliably even with a reduced number of active vacuum cups. An EDCO USA vacuum gripper integrates a vacuum pump and vacuum cup into one compact unit to eliminate all excess system volumes which minimizes evacuation time.
A discrete system of vacuum grippers may be split into several zones that are each controlled by separate air supply valves to allow operation of one or all zones as the application requirements change. All discrete units in a zone are simultaneously turned on or off via the compressed air supply. However, each mini-system unit still operates independently on the vacuum side.

Fast Part Release and Cleaning Action with Vacuum Grippers

With vacuum grippers, part quick-release is accomplished by blocking the pump exhaust with an air piloted piston which causes the pump supply to flow directly into the vacuum cup. This positive pressure reverse flow not only provides a very fast part release but also provides a cleaning action to purge any debris that was ingested into the vacuum cup.
Vacuum grippers employ the use of ER L series nozzles that have been specifically tuned to provide the high-flow, mid-range vacuum that a typical industrial system requires. This vacuum pump can efficiently handle a wide variety of both porous and non-porous applications at only 72 psi (5 bar) air supply. Additional benefits of the ER L series nozzles are rugged metal construction, no internal flap valves to foul, and a large nozzle throat gap that allows ingested debris to pass through and out of the exhaust. When coupled with a positive or limited pressure purge option, debris too large to pass through can be expelled between cycles.

Vacuum Suction Gripper Features:

  • Simple Installation
  • Flexible Positioning
  • Rugged Shear Key Mount
  • PP: Positive Pressure Purge Option
  • LP: Limited Pressure Purge Option

Simple Installation and Flexible Positioning 

Vacuum grippers mount easily to extrusion profiles having 5/16 in (8 mm) t-slots and can be easily repositioned to accommodate changing handling conditions. The two-point mount provides security and rigidity.

Rugged Shear Key Mount

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