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VG & VQ Series Vacuum Pumps

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EDCO USA VG and VQ series vacuum pumps have different bodies to make them directly interchangeable with competitor pumps but utilize the same ejector nozzles. Because of this, performance is the same regardless of body style. These multi-stage vacuum pumps are designed as a direct physical replacement and consistently provide equal or better performance than the pumps they replace. Customers who were previously limited to a sole source for pumps of this style now have the option of using higher-quality, all metal EDCO USA brand VG and VQ pumps.
VG and VQ series vacuum pumps are designed as a drop-in interchange for similarly shaped competitor pumps. This is the only similarity to the competitor versions. Our all-metal vacuum pumps feature externally removable, one-piece valves and one-piece, fully machined aluminum bodies to eliminate loose parts and are manufactured in-house on prevision CNC machines to the highest quality standards.
EDCO USA offers an exclusive integral solid control valve for our VG and VQ series vacuum pumps to control on/off which reduces plumbing complexity, fitting costs, and labor while increasing system reliability by eliminating potential leak points. The solenoid valve is shipped to the pump in the normally-close (not-passing) mode but can easily be changed to normally-open (passing) by simply inverting the valve whenever the application requires it.

VG & VQ Pump Features:

  • Drop-In Interchange
  • Metal Design
  • Externally Removable Valve
  • STB12M Silencer Included