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Integrated vacuum automation system accessories are designed to customize your vacuum automation system. These high efficiency products provide reliable performance, while delivering repair, replacement, or troubleshooting assistance within your vacuum automation system.

At EDCO USA, we design, manufacture, and test our industrial vacuum automation system accessories in house, which allows us to provide knowledgeable product information and customer support.  EDCO USA provides high-quality integrated vacuum automation system accessories at reasonable prices that are readily available and manufactured in the USA.

Contact us for application questions regarding your vacuum automation system accessory product needs or to discuss your project’s specific requirements. We will work hard to make EDCO your go-to resource for integrated vacuum automation system accessories.

Integrated Vacuum Automation System Accessory Options

At EDCO, we provide numerous industrial vacuum automation system accessory options including:

T-Style Filters

Our T-Style Vacuum Filters are made of rugged nylon with a transparent bowl that provide convenient filter condition checking. HDPE filter elements can be easily and quickly replaced without disturbing the system plumbing. T-Style Vacuum Filters are rated for full vacuum or pressure up to 150 psi.

Sensors & Pressure Switches

Vacuum automation system sensors and pressure switches are manufactured in several configurations with electrical or pneumatic outputs. Our electronic sensors are available in a wide range of formats.


EDCO silencers deliver advanced noise reduction while providing minimal resistance to air flow. Silencers ensure maximum pump performance via reduced exhaust backpressure and are recommended for all types of vacuum pumps.


EDCO vacuum gauges are designed to measure and display vacuum level in pneumatic control systems. Gauges are commonly utilized throughout all types of automation.

Pipe Plugs

EDCO pipe plugs are manufactured from nickel plated aluminum and feature Nitrile o-ring seals. Pipe plugs are available in a broad range of sizes.

Jam Nuts

Low profile nut, that is approximately half as tall as a standard nut. EDCO’s jam nuts provide locking capabilities when they are tightened against a mounting bracket.

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