VACCON Customers and Distributors,

VACCON, a 50-year-old family-owned vacuum business, has been absorbed by a large corporation that has killed the VACCON brand, extended delivery times, and increased prices by 18% in 2022 alone.

EDCO has many products comparable or interchangeable with VACCON products. Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you in converting from VACCON products. Additional VACCON interchanges will be added to our product offering as inquiries guide us.

T-Style Filters

Filters are an important component of any vacuum system. Without the use of a filter, vacuum pumps and other components can become filled with debris. Dirty vacuum components greatly hinder vacuum performance. Our t-style filters are made of a rugged nylon body with a transparent bowl. The HDPE filter element can easily and quickly be replaced without disturbing system plumbing. T-style filters are rated for full vacuum or pressure up to 150 psi.
Some of our t-style filters are also available with polypropylene body and bowl. This will be opaque (not transparent) making quick monitoring of the filter element impossible without removing the bowl.

Nominal Filter Pore Size: 70-140 μm