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EDCO USA straight through Vacuum Pump Exhaust Mufflers are designed to quiet the exhaust of air-powered vacuum pumps by allowing air flow to increase in expansion before exiting the vacuum pump silencer.

EDCO USA manufactures and stocks all Vacuum Pump Muffler Silencer devices and accessory products in the United States. We also provide in-house testing on site in our Fenton, Missouri facility. Our wide range of Vacuum Pump Mufflers allows you to select the product that best suits your project’s specifications.

Contact us for application questions including Vacuum Pump Exhaust Muffler selection or to discuss your project’s specific requirements.  We will work hard to make EDCO your primary resource for industrial Vacuum Pump Muffler Silencers.

Please note: EDCO USA silencers are designed for use with EDCO USA brand, compressed-air powered vacuum generators. We cannot make reccomendations for use outside of these scenarios.

Vacuum Pump Muffler Silencer Product Options

EDCO Vacuum Pump Silencers deliver advanced noise reduction while providing minimal resistance to air flow. Our Vacuum Pump Exhaust Mufflers ensure maximum pump performance and are recommended for all types of vacuum pumps. EDCO’s Vacuum Pump Muffler product options include:Note: Sintered brass or side-discharge are valve mufflers are not recommended for use with air-powered vacuum pumps because performance decreases due to exhaust restriction and any ingested debris will accumulate inside the muffler, adding to even more restriction.

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Muffler Advantages

At EDCO, we provide high quality custom Vacuum Pump Exhaust Mufflers at reasonable prices that are readily available and manufactured in the USA. Vacuum Pump Silencers provide the following benefits:
  • Advanced noise reduction of vacuum pump exhausts
  • Straight-Thru style provides Obstruction-free expansion chamber
  • Does not impede pump performance
  • Ideal for applications and settings that require noise reduction
Check out our blog for more detailed information on Vacuum Pump Muffler Silencer specifications.

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Request a quote on Vacuum Pump Exhaust Mufflers, or if you have specific questions regarding our Vacuum Pump Muffler options, get in touch with our sales team and we will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your specific requirements.

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