Industrial Vacuum Automation Product Technology

Vacuum Automation Products State-of-the-art industrial vacuum automation system components provide the framework within a fully functional automated vacuum system. EDCO USA’s vacuum pumps, cups, fittings, and accessory products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America and held to a high standard of quality while remaining cost-effective. At EDCO, we manufacture a wide variety of products to help with your automation needs.In addition to our standard product line, we design custom or made-for-purpose products for our customers where a standard product might not fit the task. Exclusive and custom design features provide Vacuum Automation technology products that deliver the results your project requires.

Vacuum Cups

With a variety of shape and size options, Vacuum Suction Cups can move numerous types of products and applications. At EDCO USA, we design and test our own industrial vacuum cups. This allows us to fully understand our vacuum suction cup capabilities. We manufacture vacuum cups in all sizes to meet your project’s needs.

Vacuum Cup Fittings

Advanced Vacuum Cup Fittings are designed to provide unrestricted vacuum flow, allowing for the successful transfer of an object without the fear of vacuum loss. EDCO’s Vacuum Cup Fittings are in-house designed and fully tested for accuracy and efficiency.

Vacuum Cup Accessories

Vacuum Cup Accessories are specifically designed to limit vacuum suction loss due to imperfect vacuum cup application seals. Our standard and custom Vacuum Cup Accessories are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are configurable to best suit your application.

Vacuum Pumps

With single-stage and multi-stage Vacuum Pump capabilities, EDCO Vacuum Pumps are designed to match your application’s requirements. At EDCO, we provide high quality single-stage and multi-stage vacuum pumps at reasonable prices, while delivering personable, one-on-one customer service that is second to none.

Vacuum System Accessories

Our Vacuum Automation System Accessory products are designed to be implemented directly into your vacuum system providing additional resources and options for your system needs. Whether it’s gauges, filters, sensors, switches, or another Vacuum Automation System Accessory, EDCO has what you need.

Vacuum End Of Arm Tooling Components

Our Vacuum Automation Tooling Components and EOAT products are designed to build the necessary framing for your system while minimizing robot downtime during product changes. Our EOAT components provide modular framing solutions for connecting a vacuum source and suction cup. Our Robotic Tool Changers automatically connect compressed air and vacuum lines so an end-of-arm tool can be exchanged, allowing the robot to be put back in service in only a few minutes. EDCO USA provides high-quality End of Arm Tooling components and Quick Changers at reasonable prices that are readily available because they are made in the USA.

Become an EDCO Distributor

At EDCO USA, we are always looking for qualified distributors for our Vacuum Automation products. If your company has an interest in helping customers by representing the best Vacuum Automation products in the industry, we would like to speak with you. For more information about becoming an EDCO distributor please call us at 636-349-2632 or send an email to

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