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Vacuum Filters

Vacuum Filters

14th Oct 2021

Vacuum pick and place systems are often in environments that are not overly clean. Dust and debris are able to be sucked into the system and passed through the venturi nozzles in compressed-air vacuum pumps. Debris can also collect inside the pump, eventually blocking nozzles, causing a loss of performance. When the debris contains abrasive particles such as swarf, grinding can erode the nozzles and cause pump failure.

Vacuum filters provide an inexpensive solution to protect vacuum pumps and other system components.

What is a Vacuum Filter?

Vacuum pump filters are an important component within any vacuum system. They are designed and used to trap particulate matter, dust, and other contaminants, keeping these particulates from entering or exiting your vacuum pump and disrupting other vacuum components.

Filter elements employ a filter pore size of 70-140 μm and are made of HDPE beads. These beads have been fused to create a torturous path through thick element walls. Thus, filtration is coarse enough to minimize vacuum flow restriction but fine enough to remove debris that could cause pump problems. The vacuum flows from outside to inside, providing a vacuum system that is easily monitored through a transparent filter bowl.

Types of Vacuum Filters and Vacuum Air Filtration

Filters for vacuum pumps assist in maintaining a vacuum pump that functions at optimum performance levels. EDCO USA has the knowledge and available products to help your application stay free of contaminants.

T-Style Vacuum Filters

The nylon body of a T-style filter is intended for inline mounting directly to the piping. As a result, the filter is supported and there are no other provisions for mounting unless pipe clamps are used. A pipe nipple is commonly used to attach the vacuum filter to a pump, causing the completed pump and vacuum filter assembly to be sometimes large and awkward to mount. A transparent vacuum filter bowl and HDPE filter element are included.

Aluminum Base Filters

Anodized aluminum-base vacuum filters are more compact and easier to mount securely when compared to T-style vacuum filters. Auxiliary 1/8” ports are provided for attaching a vacuum switch if the system requires one. A transparent vacuum filter bowl and HDPE filter element are included.

Vacuum Generators with Integrated Filters

Vacuum gripper pumps with integrated filters are still able to be mounted to the bottom or side of T-slot extrusions. Classic pumps are also available with integrated vacuum filters as well as control valves for vacuum and release air. Greatly improve the appearance of a machine by combining several components into an integrated package, eliminating the clutter of separate components and associated fittings plus assembly labor.

Replacement Components for Vacuum Filters

Vacuum filters are fairly simple and made from just a few components. These vacuum filter components can be replaced over the lifespan of your vacuum filter, keeping your applications particulate-free more effectively for longer.

Available Replacement Components:
  • Filter Bowl
  • Filter Element (single and multi-packs)
  • Filter Bowl Gasket